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Umpires Contact Information

Virginia USSSA Umpire in Chief


Virginia USSSA Slow Pitch Central Assigner

Virginia USSSA Slow Pitch Western Assigner

Virginia USSSA Slow Pitch Eastern Assigner
Jim Thom
757-537-2108 (Cell)

Virginia USSSA Slow Pitch Northern Assigner

Virginia USSSA Slow Pitch Southern Assigner

If you are interested in one of the positions available above, please contact the
State Umpire in Chief or the State Director.



To order USSSA umpire apparel, go to Boombah or
call 815-941-1431.


Registered USSSA officials are covered during any USSSA activity,
to include the following:

• Preseason or practice games involving USSSA registered teams
• USSSA league play
• USSSA tournament play
• USSSA clinics



$2,000,000 per occurrence/ no general aggregate limit
No deductible

$20,000 per occurrence
$500 deductible

Accident Medical coverage is secondary to any other collectible insurance – becomes primary if no other insurance is in force. The accident medical policy also pays co-payments and deductibles unpaid by primary insurance.

Every year, sports officials are sued due to alleged negligence.   Some are paid officials, but many are volunteers.  The USSSA officials general liability policy provides the coverage necessary for your sports officiating exposure.

Coverage is provided for:
Legal defense with no deductible
Defense of lawsiuts– Even if groundless
Payment of judgments– Up to $2,000,000

Accident Medical Expenses
Accidental injuries are all too common for today's officials.  The USSSA officials accident medical policy will pay your covered medical bills up to the $20,000 policy limit, with $500 deductible.

Coverage is provided for:
Accidental injury while officiating.
Dental damage to sound and natural teeth
Medical services for 52 weeks from date of injury.
Deductibles or co-payments unpaid by primary insurance.

Some of the policy exclusions are:
Injuries received while under the influence of any controlled substance, unless administered on the advice of a physician;
Injuries received as a result of being intoxicated;
Injuries sustained while traveling other than as specially stated in the policy;
The cost of eyeglasses, contact lenses or examinations for either;
The cost of dental treatment, except as specifically provided for injuries to sound natural teeth.

This is a brief description of the coverage. Full disclosure of the definitions, exclusions and limitations for this coverage can be found in the master policy issued to the USSSA. If any discrepancy exists between this description and the policy, the policy will prevail.

Non-USSSA Officiating Coverage Now Available*
Once you become a registered USSSA official, you may purchase insurance to cover organized/scheduled officiating for non-USSSA activities.

Coverage is available for any sport sanctioned by USSSA.

The coverage limits are the same as those provided for USSSA events.

For information regarding the USSSA officials insurance coverage, contact:

Jenkins Insurance Agency

For information regarding USSSA officials registration, contact contact your USSSA state directors or State Umpire in Chief. The USSSA Directors list can be found on the internet at or call
USSSA National Headquarters at 1-800-741-3014.



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